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Aug. 28th, 2009

See...the thing is....I don't care....people can say I'm transphobic...or any phobic..whatever...that's on you... BUT.. You don't know me.. I'm quite snyde and smart and sweet....its YOU stupid ass motha fuckin assholes that make things bad... and yep.. You are those things...because out of anything asking for tolerance and love and acceptance..you promote anger...and just want to fight...well..I honestly don't care about you..or your gender...so fuck off. Ok? :) have a magical day.

I have a headache...Ice cream will help it!

 I have a headache at the back of my neck..kinda where my ear is...?

Visited my grandma again today! :) Brought her Rubi's and movies! was awesome! :)

I had a dream about Sara and Brittany last night..Liz was in it too... 

Sara was a Dinosaur..a T-rex to be exact..BUT she had her own hair..but dino sized..and her glasses....and Brittany was like a "Rocker" like with pleather and rocker hair..like all teased out..and Sara was chasing her, trying to eat her..heh....anyway.. and Brittany was running, but at the same time ROCKING OUT!! like with her guitar...it was pretty awesome...me and Liz were spectators...listening and watching the possible destruction.. I woke up before Sarah ate Brittany...so.. perhaps Rocker Brittany still lives and Dino Sara is hungry... so sad...

time with Liz now! :) lata
 Liz and I went to go visit my grandma yesterday! We took her to lunch and it was awesome! I like it when there aren't like a bunch of family members so I can actually talk to her. :)  I also got a bunch of old videos of all us cuzins from when we were like 4 years old and stuff.. good times! :) except that we were in dresses..meh..and Liz was taking pictures and laughing....double meh... Trying to be patient with Harley..I just don't  want another puppy..and he's a boy..and a different kind of puppy..and I don't want Sweet Pea to get his bad habbits..cause his old owners seemed a bit lax in the discipline department...I just don't want Sweet Pea to be bad...cause she is so quiet and good..yeah..anyway..time to spend time with Beautiful :) late

breathe... :)

Things have been so awesome lately... :)

My bday was so damn awesome...although we were REALLY tight with money cause I had no idea what was to come..Doreen came over and it was honestly..THE best birthday I have had since I was a kid...not because of what I did and didn't do...just because...of who I got to spend it with I suppose... :) I actually got to see a lot of my family throughout the weekend..and it was just so much fun.. I was shocked at how completely happy I was...:)

Light at the end of the very dark..very long tunnel came on Monday..thank heavens! I was able to pay all of my bills..yes.. ALL of them..and boy had they acrewed..anyway...I am super content..in my life..every aspect of it..

I wanted to say...people have asked me recently how married life is...? I can never put it into words.. I always say..good...well...it may be hard to believe...but it is amazing...I was in such an awful relationship for SO long...having Liz in my life...is perfect...She is the person I am going to have by my side for the rest of my life..and I couldn't imagine it any other way..she is everything all in one that I have always dreamed of.. She's supportive..and funny and gives me shit..but can also take it..she's sensitive and trusting..and brutal..and loving..and sexy..and beautiful...smart as fuck....just everything...sometimes she is way too defensive and has the emotional range of a teaspoon...but I can deal with it...she deals with it..when I get all why are you so not emotional..she gets me...she doesn't just fall asleep..or not care...she actually listens to why I'm so upset...and we talk...we talk... :) I love her...ok..that's all before she comes home! lol


I found out a little while ago that Bea Arthur Died..and I literally cried... and now I'm sad... 2 of the 4 Golden Girls are now gone.. sooo sad... I really wanted to see her live before she passed... I regret not going to see her in North Hollywood that one time I saw she was playing... I hate to think about when Julie Andrews passes...I think I might cry for a long while.....

that's all for now.. Liz is out and about with her friend! :) yay! Her having friends, makes me happy.. :) I don't know why...? but it does! :) 

Better than chocolate

I am remembering the movie Better than Chocolate.. The part when Judy, gets called a Dyke by the skinheads and she says, "Thank You!" I dunno why I thought of it...maybe because.. I'm mad, and I needed something to make me laugh and smile... I hope all the backlash stops from people..I don't understand all this...animocity...especially towards Liz who is like the nicest person in the world...people people people... 


Liz is a mod for the Lesbian community..and yesterday and today there has been so much lesbian bullshit... I think I remember why I don't have tons o lesbian friends..cause they are so much fucking drama!!! I like me gay boys just fine!

Boils down to, a chica saying that she liked girly/femme girls more than butch/dykes... that's it..literally..and all the lesbians got all a flutter!! I don't really know why...? I think it's because they are not fully comfortable with themselves and they feel this is perhaps detrimental to them..or maybe that they are threatened by this..? who GIVES A FUCK!? All I wanted to say to them was SHUT THE FUCK UP! especially when they started questioning my wife...who does the Lesbian community instead of spending time with me! hello bitches! be grateful!! you get the fabulous Liz--b-in! anyway..that's all..thought I would vent..and yes..that's all... :) back to playing Playstation!:)

I want to go to disneyland!!!!!!!!
I have to PEE!!!!!!
I want foods!!!!!
I miss Liz!!!!! 

mmm...disney the land..

 We got our disney passes last week....or was it the week before last week?? I dont know, all I know is that we have gone like 4 or 5 times already! and it rocks! my socks off I suppose..?! :)  We did the pay by month thing..because honestly.. I didnt have 800 bux lying around for the passes.. so it's like 25 a month and we paid for the price of a 1 day ticket up front.. so all in all.. its a good deal.. there's no interest to do it..its just the price of the pass!

I am taking Liz today.. she doesn't know it yet.. because she is still snoring away.. but I want to take her. :) it's friday the 13th so we are going to go see some scaaaary movies tonight as well as watch some here at the house... should be a fun filled day, all in all!! AND we already have plans for St Pattys day! We are going to Wayne and Steps to dwink and frolic... which shall also be a barrel o laughs.. 

I am also happy we are more financially stable now.. something I didn't think was gunna happen, did happen and I was able to catch up and I get paid tomorrow and then EVERYTHING will be paid and we will still have money to put into savings and money to spend and buy foods! thank you whatever god, or angel brought the extra!! gracias! yes....anyway.. thats it for now...

Oh, Monday we went to Blue Mondays for Liz's friends b-day.. Her friend Jessica and her very quiet girl friend.. Aubrey and her drunk yet funny friend, Jessica's sister.. The gay Max, me and Liz.. was fun.. i really wanted to dance in the gay room more than the 80's room..because.. well.. I'm gay and I like the electronic room better..plus I cant dance 80's very well... but yeah.. it was cool.. I went and played video games in the upstairs parts when I got bored.. I tried to get drunk..to no avail... many a shot of vodka and some jaeger drinks..did nothing for me... alas.... good thai and like 4am drives home.. were fun... anyway...must wake up my wife so we can go to disney the land!!!!!


I'm sickly

I am sick again.. I wish that sickness just like went away... I have the coughs.. the pflegm..the sniffly nose.. it's horendous! I can't sleep...I am watching Planet Terror.. yay! Rose Mcgowan is HOT!!!
I am hoping to get my check either Friday or Saturday! hells yeah! then perhaps Liz and I will travel to the far off land of Berkeley.. hoping that we have enough to travel this week! Next check is strictly a bills check!..

I'm rambling...

I have been having a lot of nightmares lately....

We watched Schindler's List today and I hope I don't dream about that.. It made me cry.. as it always does..

We watched Grapes of Wrath the other night..that made me cry and I had SEVERE nightmares about it.. I dreamt that it was another Great Depression and we had to kill and eat the cats to survive.. it was really traumatic...

Checkerz new nickname is Chubbs..because she is now successfully belly bulge gato numero tres..yes...

Although I am quite a lesbian.. I think Freddy Rodriguez is handsome.. 

I keep having a recurring dream about Lorena...It's more of a nightmare..because nothing would make me happier than to not ever see her again.. so imagine my distress when she recurrs in my dreams..

So...the dream is.. Liz and I are having sex.. and someone knocks on the window.. and I get scared..as I usually do when someone knocks and we aren't expecting them.. I'm weird.. it freaks me out...anyway.. so Liz looks and says..Oh shit! I think it's Lorena?? she gets in somehow.. like the door is left open, or the keys are in the door? and I'm like what the fuck are you doing here Lorena? and she's like flustered or some nonsense..and I say, this is my wife Liz and I tell her(Lorena) to leave, that she has no business here.. and she tries to pet Baloo and I pretty much get up with my blanket wrapped around me, cause I'm butt neked.. and more or less remove her from the house.. I never get to the end of the dream... I always wake up.. I know there is more.. because as I am removing her from the house she goes to say something.. like she turns around when she gets down the stairs..but it's over..I keep having the dream... sometimes it's in black and white..sometimes in color..the weather is often different..it's just weird... I dunno what any of it means..I am just tired of having all these nightmares.. of the depression and stuff.. it is perhaps because of me being sick.. I haven't slept well in almost a week now.. waking up every few hours.. is horrible...anywho...

Liz is asleep...she will soon begin snoring... she'll wakeup soon..turn over and reach for me and I won't be in bed next to her.. I should go to bed..if not just to feel her near me.. It usually makes me fall asleep.. I've never felt what I feel for Liz for anyone...Not even Lorena.. I've known Liz such a short time and it feels like we have known each other forever.. I can't even explain it.. we read each others mind, it's insane.. but it's awesome and amazing.. and.. I love her.. :) She literally makes me feel, just.. comfortable and alive and emotional and myself.. I can be myself with her.. anyway.. to bed now.. nighty night


I'm baaaaack

So, I had a livejournal a long long time ago.. but deleted it stupidly and went on over to myspace... although I still use my myspace MUCH more.. I have this now..cause me wife is a mod on a lesbo site and it's nice to hear and talk to the nice lesbo's.. :)