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breathe... :)

Things have been so awesome lately... :)

My bday was so damn awesome...although we were REALLY tight with money cause I had no idea what was to come..Doreen came over and it was honestly..THE best birthday I have had since I was a kid...not because of what I did and didn't do...just because...of who I got to spend it with I suppose... :) I actually got to see a lot of my family throughout the weekend..and it was just so much fun.. I was shocked at how completely happy I was...:)

Light at the end of the very dark..very long tunnel came on Monday..thank heavens! I was able to pay all of my bills..yes.. ALL of them..and boy had they acrewed..anyway...I am super content..in my life..every aspect of it..

I wanted to say...people have asked me recently how married life is...? I can never put it into words.. I always say..good...well...it may be hard to believe...but it is amazing...I was in such an awful relationship for SO long...having Liz in my life...is perfect...She is the person I am going to have by my side for the rest of my life..and I couldn't imagine it any other way..she is everything all in one that I have always dreamed of.. She's supportive..and funny and gives me shit..but can also take it..she's sensitive and trusting..and brutal..and loving..and sexy..and beautiful...smart as fuck....just everything...sometimes she is way too defensive and has the emotional range of a teaspoon...but I can deal with it...she deals with it..when I get all why are you so not emotional..she gets me...she doesn't just fall asleep..or not care...she actually listens to why I'm so upset...and we talk...we talk... :) I love her...ok..that's all before she comes home! lol


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Jul. 24th, 2009 02:36 am (UTC)
LMAO @ my emotional range! lol. I love you. YOU are the one that's perfect. I'm gonna go kiss you now.. <3 =)
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