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mmm...disney the land..

 We got our disney passes last week....or was it the week before last week?? I dont know, all I know is that we have gone like 4 or 5 times already! and it rocks! my socks off I suppose..?! :)  We did the pay by month thing..because honestly.. I didnt have 800 bux lying around for the passes.. so it's like 25 a month and we paid for the price of a 1 day ticket up front.. so all in all.. its a good deal.. there's no interest to do it..its just the price of the pass!

I am taking Liz today.. she doesn't know it yet.. because she is still snoring away.. but I want to take her. :) it's friday the 13th so we are going to go see some scaaaary movies tonight as well as watch some here at the house... should be a fun filled day, all in all!! AND we already have plans for St Pattys day! We are going to Wayne and Steps to dwink and frolic... which shall also be a barrel o laughs.. 

I am also happy we are more financially stable now.. something I didn't think was gunna happen, did happen and I was able to catch up and I get paid tomorrow and then EVERYTHING will be paid and we will still have money to put into savings and money to spend and buy foods! thank you whatever god, or angel brought the extra!! gracias! yes....anyway.. thats it for now...

Oh, Monday we went to Blue Mondays for Liz's friends b-day.. Her friend Jessica and her very quiet girl friend.. Aubrey and her drunk yet funny friend, Jessica's sister.. The gay Max, me and Liz.. was fun.. i really wanted to dance in the gay room more than the 80's room..because.. well.. I'm gay and I like the electronic room better..plus I cant dance 80's very well... but yeah.. it was cool.. I went and played video games in the upstairs parts when I got bored.. I tried to get drunk..to no avail... many a shot of vodka and some jaeger drinks..did nothing for me... alas.... good thai and like 4am drives home.. were fun... anyway...must wake up my wife so we can go to disney the land!!!!!



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